Buffalo Grove Dentist: Does Your Oral Health Put Your Heart at Risk?

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dentist in buffalo grove, dentist in buffalo grove il, buffalo grove dentist, buffalo grove il dentistOur Buffalo Grove dentist and team not are only compassionate about your dental health but we also care about your overall wellness. Your oral and heart heart health is imperative to your wellness. Many patients do not realize  the close connection between the heart and mouth.

Extensive research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that heart disease is the top life threatening disease. Gum and heart disease are both inflammatory diseases. This may explain why heart and gum disease can occur at the same time.

The cause of periodontal disease (gum) is from a build up of plaque while causing inflammation of the gum tissue. The build up of plaque forms pockets of harmful bacteria that settle into your gums and eventually into your bloodstream. Your mouth serves as a direct passageway to the bloodstream.  The same bacterium that is associated with gum disease has been discovered in heart arteries. Gum disease is strong enough to thicken and attack the carotid arteries in the heart. When your dentist in Buffalo Grove Illinois provides treatment to gum disease, your gum inflammation is reduced and the overall inflammation in your body is decreased.

With your dentist in Buffalo Grove, the greatest care is preventive care. You decrease your risk of a heart attack or stroke, when you seek receive treatment for oral diseases. Avoiding periodontal disease will benefit you and your overall health. Prevent periodontal disease by following these oral hygiene habits:

• Brush two times a day
• Floss daily
• Rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash
• Schedule routine check ups

Schedule dental visits twice a year for a comprehensive cleaning and exam.

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