Dentist in Buffalo Grove
Dentist In Buffalo Grove
Dentist in Buffalo Grove
Dentist in Buffalo Grove
Dentist in Buffalo Grove
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Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

Welcome to Morris Dental Solutions, Ltd

Our office is located in beautiful Buffalo Grove, IL where we offer comprehensive, restorative, implant and prosthetic dentistry to patients of all ages. Our dedicated staff and skilled dental team are here to serve all your general, aesthetic, prosthetic, endodontic, dental implant restoration, and preventive dental needs. We have a general dentist, a prosthodontist and an endondontist on staff to serve you. With our experience and expertise, along with modern technology and advanced methods, we can help redesign your teeth into the smile of your dreams.

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Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

Our Buffalo Grove dental office boasts some of the top practitioners in Illinois in general dentistry, family dentistry, implant, dentistry, prosthodontics, and endodontics. Owner, Gary A. Morris, DDS is a leading Buffalo Grove prosthodontist whose impact on the dental community has been felt far and wide. An innovator of the dental implant field, many manufacturers turn to Dr. Morris and his expertise to improve their products. In fact, his professionalism and skill set is so trusted that dental specialists from across the country reach out to him frequently for guidance on difficult cases.

Enjoy the Convenience of Comprehensive Dentistry

Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

You are important to us. For your convenience, we provide a wide range of dental solutions in our local Buffalo Grove location. Some of these options include whitening, dental implants, and sedation dentistry. If you require care from an outside specialist, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

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Optimal Results Through advanced Technology

Dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL

At Morris Dental Solutions, Ltd, we use accurate, efficient modern equipment to ensure your comfort at all times. Some of our advanced dental technologies include CAD/CAM, Cavitron, Cone Beam imaging and digital x-rays. Visit our Technology page for more information.

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Dental Care You Can Afford

Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

Whatever your financial situation, you can have the dental care you need in a manner you can afford. Our team is happy to help maximize your dental benefits. We accept most major dental plans and will contact your provider on your behalf to help confirm your coverage. If you are without dental coverage, we provide flexible options for payment. Contact us for more information.

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Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

Buffalo Grove Dentist

“Everyone at Morris Dental Solutions is so kind and easy to talk to. Most importantly, I always leave with clean teeth and supportive advice to answer any of my questions.” – Hannah

“As a physician, I place tremendous value on seeking care for myself and family from the most capable, technically competent, and clinically up to date colleagues. Morris Dental Solutions provides this and more. I have always been treated with the utmost care and courtesy by all of their doctors and staff. Morris Dental Solutions listens and cares, and those are the most important values of all!” – Aaron

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Dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL
195 N. Arlington Heights Rd. Suite 160
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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Monday: 10am – 7pm
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Saturday: 8am – 1pm

Office hours are subject to change, please call our office for an explanation of temporary changes.

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Buffalo Grove, IL Dentist

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