After Cosmetic Reconstruction

Remember that it will take time to adjust to the feel of your new bite. When the bite is altered or the position of the teeth is changed it takes several days for the brain to recognize the new position of your teeth or their thickness as normal. If you continue to detect any high spots or problems with your bite, call our office at (847) 215-1511 so we can schedule an adjustment appointment with the Buffalo Grove dentist.

What to Expect:

It is normal to experience some hot and cold sensitivity. The teeth require some time to heal after restorations are placed and will be sensitive in the meantime. Your gums may also be sore for a few days. Warm salt water rinses (a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water) three times a day will reduce pain and swelling – swish gently and don’t swallow. A mild pain medication (one tablet of Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Motrin) every 3-4 hours) should ease any residual discomfort.

Don’t be concerned if your speech is affected for the first few days. You’ll quickly adapt and be speaking normally. You may notice increased salivation. This is because your brain is responding to the new size and shape of your teeth. This should subside to normal in about a week.

Daily brushing and flossing are a must for your new dental work. Daily plaque removal is critical for the long-term success of your new teeth, as are regular cleaning appointments. The dentist Buffalo Grove recommends brushing after each meal as well as in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. Floss twice daily for the best results. We also recommend the use of a mechanical tooth brush. Please ask your dental hygienist for a recommendation.

Any food that can crack, chip or damage a natural tooth can do the same to your new teeth. Avoid hard foods and substances (such as beer nuts, peanut brittle, ice, fingernails, pencils, etc.) and sticky candies. Smoking will stain your new teeth. Minimize or avoid foods that stain such as coffee, red wine, tea, and berries.

Let us know if you engage in sports, so we can make a custom athletic mouthguard. If you grind your teeth at night, we can fabricate a mouth guard that will prevent damage to your teeth and restorations. Adjusting to the look and feel of your new smile will take time. If you have any problems or concerns, please let the Buffalo Grove dentist know. We always welcome your questions.

After Crown and Bridge Appointments

Crowns and bridges usually take two or three appointments to complete. In the first visit, the teeth are prepared and molds of the mouth are taken. Temporary crowns or bridges are placed to protect the teeth while the custom restoration is being made. Since the teeth will be anesthetized, the tongue, lips and roof of the mouth may be numb. Please refrain from eating and drinking hot beverages until the numbness is completely worn off.

Occasionally a temporary crown may come off. Call us at (847) 215-1511 if this happens and bring the temporary crown with you so we can re-cement it. It is very important for the temporary to stay in place, as it will prevent other teeth from moving and compromising the fit of your final restoration. Temporaries are made from an acrylic resin and may also break. If this happens, please call us to have the temporary remade.

To keep your temporaries in place, avoid eating sticky foods (gum), hard foods, and if possible, chew on the opposite side of your mouth. It is important to brush normally, but floss carefully and don’t pull the floss out from between your teeth as usual – this may dislodge the temporary. Pull the end of the floss through the teeth where your temporary crown is located instead.

It is normal to experience some temperature and pressure sensitivity after each appointment. The sensitivity should subside a few weeks after the placement of the final restoration. Mild pain medications may also be used as directed by our office.

If your bite feels uneven, if you have persistent pain, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office at (847) 215-1511.

After Composite Fillings (white fillings)

When an anesthetic has been used, your lips and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. Avoid any chewing and hot beverages until the numbness has completely worn off. It is very easy to bite or burn your tongue or lip while they are numb.

It is normal to experience some temperature and pressure sensitivity after your appointment. Injection sites may also be sore. Ibuprofen (Motrin), Tylenol or aspirin (one tablet every 3-4 hours as needed for pain) work well to alleviate the tenderness. If pressure sensitivity persists beyond a few days, or if sensitivity to hot or cold increases, contact our office at (847) 215-1511.

You may chew with your composite fillings as soon as the anesthetic completely wears off, since they are fully set when you leave the office.

If your bite feels uneven, if you have persistent pain, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office at (847) 215-1511.

After Dental Implant Restoration

One advantage of dental implants is that they are easily retrievable allowing for alterations or repairs if needed. Dental implants are often fixed in place with screws or temporary cements. If your dental implant restoration becomes loose, please call our office at (847) 215-1511 as soon as possible and ask for an appointment to come in.

Dental implant supported overdentures occasionally loosen over time. This is normal wear and tear of the attachments. If you detect movement in your restoration please call for an appointment to have the attachments replaced.

If you develop a sore area please call for an adjustment.

After Denture Placement

A denture can take several weeks to become adjusted to. Difficulties in eating and speaking are common and everyone adjusts to their new teeth at a different rate. If you experience sore areas or difficulty keeping your denture in place, please call our office at (847) 215-1511 for an adjustment.

Dentures generally need to be relined every 18 to 36 months due to changes in the jaw from resorption. This is normal and a reline procedure can improve the fit and function of your denture. Dentures need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years due to resorption of the ridge and also due to wear and tear of the teeth. If you are noticing a decrease in the efficiency of your denture, please call our office at (847) 215-1511 for a consultation and fabrication of a new denture.

After Hours Emergencies

At Morris Dental Solutions, the dentist in Buffalo Grove, we are always here to help. If you experience a dental emergency after hours, please call our emergency phone at (847) 951-0152. Please spell your name and tell us the nature of your emergency along with your telephone number. The doctor on call or a member of our staff will call you back within the hour. If you do not receive a return call within the hour, please kindly call again.

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