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Mouth guards can describe many different devices that range from a simple commercially available athletic guard to a sophisticated guard custom made for a person with a history of teeth grinding or TMJ problems. In the dental profession “mouth guard” typically refers to a soft well-fitting device that is worn on either the upper or lower teeth to protect the teeth from trauma during contact sports or any activity that might result in a blow to the mouth or jaw. Although over-the-counter mouth guards are available at athletic equipment stores, at Shiffman-Morris Dental Associates, Ltd. we can make a custom-fitted mouth guard that will protect your teeth and adapt precisely to your teeth. The more sophisticated mouth guard designed for a person with a specific dental problem is usually called an occlusal splint or orthotic device. These occlusal splints are also recommended for patient who have undergone dental implant therapy. The mouth guard will protect the teeth, restoration and prevent shifting of the teeth over time.


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