Buffalo Grove Prosthodontist: HPV Is Changing the Face of Oral Cancer Patients

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Oral cancer kills one American every hour, every day.

With the recent news of Michael Douglas with oral cancer and HPV from oral sex, it’s the perfect reminder to schedule an oral cancer screening.

Early detection is still the best weapon that a patient can choose to fight oral cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends a comprehensive oral evaluation and soft tissue exam annually, yet only one in five patients follow through. As a prosthodontist, I know that the most important factors to survive oral cancer are early detection and diagnosis.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is changing the face of oral cancer patients—striking younger people, non‐smokers, women and men. As a prosthodontist, I screen for and diagnose oral diseases, including cancer in the head, neck and throat. After an oral cancer diagnosis, I work to improve my patient’s outcome. If you are diagnosed with oral cancer, find a prosthodontist to get a dental evaluation before any cancer treatment begins. The American Dental Association recognizes prosthodontics as one if its specialties. The specialty of prosthodontics requires advanced training. From diagnosis and management of the effects of dental disease, prosthodontists also gain expertise in how the effects of treatment for oral cancer may impact your ability to chew, speak and swallow.

To help patients find their local prosthodontist, the American College of Prosthodontists created www.GoToAPro.org where patients can enter their zip code, find a local prosthodontist, and schedule an oral cancer screening today. An oral cancer screening exam is painless; treatment for advanced oral cancer is not. Get screened today.


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